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Welcome to Classy Technology University!

Hi, I'm Abi Togunde. 

I simplify technology, marketing, and ecommerce for business owners. I've been in the industry over 10 years.

I'm a mother, lover of travel, foodie, part time comedian, nature lover, and a huge tech nerd!

In my store, you will find courses + eBooks on the following:

-Cryptocurrency for beginners eBook
-Intro to sales funnels eBook
-Intro to internet marketing eBook
-Time management 101 course
-Intro to Facebook Ads course
-Intro to email marketing course
-How to get website traffic course
-DIY business website design course
...and so much more!

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Available Digital Products

Cryptocurrency for Beginners eBook

In this eBook you will learn what cryptocurrency is, how they work, why they exist, how to invest in them, how to protect them, and how to stay ahead in the crypto world.

My Digital Products Available Digital Products
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